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We aim to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Life Below Water by increasing accessibility and enhancing a sense of community among the plastic pollution network.

The stronger the network, the faster we find solutions for the impact of marine debris and plastic contamination on human health, the environment, food security, and socio-economic systems.

By facilitating partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge and ideas, Synchronize’s mission is to enhance the global plastic pollution network.

Our Story

Pear and Julia are two international students united by the same passion: to eliminate plastic pollution. As leaders of anti-plastic initiatives at their schools, they realized how the dispersion of information and groups stunt the progress of local initiatives. After talking with many non-profit groups and students, they discovered this is the case worldwide.

Synchronize started in pursuit of an audacious idea: combine the motivated minds in academic and professional settings to transform the way the plastic pollution movement is empowered. They want to fuel local initiatives with a global alliance.

Our Team

Pear Poolvaraluk


Julia Grifferty


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PPC Managing Director

Marcos Mena-Brena

CEO, Geekbears

Dianna Cohen

PPC Senior Strategist and Development Director

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